Jasper Marine
Freedom 35

The Freedom 35 is a scaled up version of our Freedom 28 so that there’s enough room for proper live aboard cruising with the same un paralleled performance. This boat will allow you to cruise comfortably at 40+ knots with ease for long distances in less time. With a state of the art anchor system this boat is a dream come true for people looking to explore the expanses of coastal waterways and fjords with ease and comfort with more time spent nestled at anchorages enjoying the beautiful surroundings through the panoramic glass cabin views.

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Jasper Marine
Freedom 28

Jasper Marine Boats combines modern design with high-end finish in military grade quality welded aluminum boats. The new Freedom 28 is our “high performance express commuter”. Its concept was generated by Jasper Marine and co-developed with award winning naval architect Bakewell-White Yacht Design, in Auckland, New Zealand.

The Freedom class is a safe, comfortable high performance express boat; aimed at people who want a versatile boat that can be used for many marine activities but mainly gets them from A to B safely, and as fast, efficiently, and comfortably as possible. It will retain its value over time significantly better than any fibreglass boat, and require less maintenance, resulting in a lower cost of ownership over time.


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Jasper Marine
Speedster 28

This is our sunny day version of the Freedom 28, designed with Style, performance and lounging at your destination with drinks in mind. The design is shown with inboard outboard V8 engine. The engine cover provides a huge sun tanning bed. The cockpit is filled with a lounging booth and collapsible table. The bow still has a roomy twin berth for overnight stays as well as a head and a mini galley with a fridge. There is an anchor locker in the bow with the option for a compact, fully automated anchor system. The tower has plenty of room for a powerful stereo speakers, lights and has a tow point for watersports as well. This boat is sure to turn heads and provide your guests with an unforgettably swift and comfortable ride.

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Jasper Marine
Renegade 21

The definition of renegade is “a person or thing that deserts and betrays an organization, country, or set of principles.” We thought this was a fitting name, as this boat deserts the idea that welded aluminums should be industrial or crew boat style – it takes all the benefits such as build quality, ease of maintenance, safety, longevity, and durability but is presented in a sleek package designed to bring you an unlimited amount of joy and comfort.

The Renegade 21 is also fully customizable to fit your needs! It can come as an enclosed bow (seen here), bow rider, or cuddy cabin and can be fitted with outboard or inboard powerplants with v-drive, jet-drive, or out-drive options. We can install ballast tanks, baitwells, down-riggers, or whatever else you’d like. Whether you’re wake-surfing on the lake or fishing 6ft swells in the pacific ocean, this thing will get the job done!


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Jasper Marine Orca 18

This is our second rendition of the Orca 18 with a more open concept and an added outboard pod/swim deck. This boat is convenient, affordable, and efficient while at the same time packing a good punch. It’s boasts a beamy, self-bailing deck, which provides a surprising amount of room and comfort for its size. Whether you’re looking for a fishing machine, a joyful run-around, or a dependable commuter, this boat can do it all. Check out some images in the link below of our existing builds and their happy owners.

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Jasper Marine LC23


A landing craft has never looked so good! As a big brother to the LC18 this boat has more room, a bigger pay load, and a fully enclosed cabin. Thick gauge aluminum means you to land it nearly anywhere and walk (or drive) out through the front with ease. The LC23 has plenty of space for an ATV, building supplies, and likely whatever else you’d like to bring along. Our signature curved windshield, sleek lines, and high grade of finish bring a new level of style to this legendary working machine. Check out some more images and a video in the gallery link below:


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LC 21



Jasper Marine LC21

Coming soon!


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Jasper Marine LC18

Style meets versatility; this 18ft landing craft is your key to next level recreational activities. Thick gauge aluminum allows you to land this boat anywhere and walk out through the front door with ease. Whether you’re hauling equipment or you’re hoping to land on a remote beach for picnic, this vessel will let you get the job done in style. Check out some more images at the link below:

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Alternative Designs

Jasper Marine is working in conjunction with Specmar Inc. who specialize in the design and computer lofting of welded aluminum boats. By visiting their webpage through the links below you can see the many model designs they have available. Options include a vast selection of mono-hulls, catamarans, zodiac-style aluminum RIBS, and landing crafts.

Any model you see on their website can be built, customized, and perfected to fit all of your boating needs!


Combine a wide array of monohulls to provide a foundation with our customization capabilities and we can create a boat to fit even the wildest of dreams.

Visit Specmar: Monohulls


With a ride array of monohulls as possible foundations and our customization capabilities, we can create a boat to fit even the wildest of dreams.

Visit Specmar: Catamarans

Landing Crafts 

Whether it is for work or play, these versatile vessels will transport you and your gear with ease and efficiency.