Jasper Marine




Tried.    Tested.    Proven. 


Jasper Marine works together with long established companies who specialize in marine engineering, computer lofting, and boat design. We manufacture their tested and proven designs with a high degree of craftsmanship and customizability in order to produce a boat that is built for YOU.


 Together with our fantastic partners we are able to offer high performance, custom built, quality aluminum vessels to meet all of your boating needs.


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Our hulls act as the foundation of your wildest dreams! These boats allow for an wide degree of customizability and we are happy to make alterations to meet each and everyone of your needs.

Durable Marine Grade Aluminum

Not only do our materials provide exceptional strength, durability, and operator forgiveness, they do so while requiring a low degree of maintenance.

Premium finishing

A well made boat deserves to be exquisitely finished! Although this area is designed around your input we have access to many distributors and will professionally install all finishing products.